Payday Filing is here

Recently Inland Revenue sent out a newsletter, you may have received it. They made the following announcement regarding myIR access for PAYE filing:

“The ir-File service in myIR will be discontinued on 11 March 2019.

If you’re still filing monthly schedules you must use the ‘payroll returns’ account in myIR to file your EMS and employer deductions.

The payroll returns account will automatically show in your myIR account from 28 February 2019.”

From our point of view this is great as we were thinking we’d have to get each of our clients to grant us access to the new payday filing area, but it looks like it will be automatic. We will confirm this with IRD by Feb 28 and let our clients know if there are any other steps to be taken.

Our clients using Flexitime payroll software are already on payday filing, and it has been going smoothly. Flexitime were one of the early adopters of payday filing and worked closely with IRD to navigate the changes needed. If you use any payroll provider as a PAYE intermediary already (i.e. they pay and file your employer deductions each month) chances are they will be managing the changeover to payday filing for you.

Payroll Subscription Increases:
Some payroll providers are increasing their subscription fees coming 1 April 2019 to cope with the changes in platform and manpower that payday filing has created. Smartpayroll has already announced their increase just this week. Flexitime are going to migrate clients to their new ‘PayHero’ platform and offer a great deal to upgrade, with improved features. Xero Payroll have not announced any fee increases yet. Thankyou Payroll increased their business subscriptions last year to cover this, but are still free for charities. We have not been notified of any definite date other systems will be payday ready, but they assure us they will be before April 1.

GREAT DEALS for moving to payroll software:
In fact there are great ‘free’ deals for businesses and organisations to sign up with either Flexitime or Xero Payroll in the next few months, so if you or someone you know is not already using software for payroll, or you have not been happy with their performance, talk to us about which one is the right product for you and we’ll help get you payday compliant before April 1.