Three Inspirational Newsletters to Share

Everyone is doing newsletters at this time of year reminding us of the impending Christmas/New year holidays and relating that in some way to the message they want to get across. As much as we could be going on about the importance of cashflow and payroll obligations, that isn’t very inspirational! So I would like instead to share with you 3 newsletters that came to my inbox that I did find inspirational.

  1. Kiw Tax Accountants: My friend Ramesh shares 5 articles on work and business: Mindset Patterns, How to Plan for Selling your Business, 3 Ways to get more out of your Working Day, and when Invoicing Factoring can be useful. Something for everyone! Read here.
  2. Words from the Wise: Digby Scott is a reknown Leadership Development expert and the latest article he shared in his Fresh Thinking newsletter can give you some great tips if you are thinking of rolling out change or shifting culture at work. Take 30 seconds here (and sign up for his newsletters!)…
  3. How to Keep Your Data Safe When Working Remotely – this article from Workflow Max covers several aspects: Personal Safety, Computer Security, Phishy Emails, Tips on using a Co-Worker Space, Commuting. Which one affects you?

At My Green Bookkeeper we would like to assure you we often read great stuff like this and take action! We log our time to ensure clients are only charged for actual hours spent on their accounts. We work to our strengths and get the best person for the task on the job. We use secure Data storage, protected logins and best safety practice on devices. We have a fantastic Team Culture which makes our work enjoyable.

Have a great break over the holiday period! Hopefully, you can make some time for reading inspirational stuff that helps your head space for 2018.