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Time to Get Organised

Organising at Home Series 1: “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” The reason that’s true is that the busier you are, the more time you need to devote to being organised. Saying that you ‘don’t have time’ or that you’re ‘too busy’ are popular but invalid excuses. MAKE THE TIME. Make organising […]

Xero to Hero

A while ago I  attended the Xero Roadshow and would like to pass on the best bits for businesses and not for profits. Excuse the Lord of the Rings references (I was in a groove) but the one ring to rule them all really has a lot of traction here. You’ll see. Here are the topics in brief and […]

Conference Gems

Conferences. Love or hate them it is always up to the individual how much or little one gets out of them. As someone who works from home I leap at the opportunity to get out and mingle with like minded people, network, learn, be inspired, and try to capture that energy with some sort of […]

One number to rule them all?

Take a look at this article from Xero about your NZBN business number. Makes good administration sense. “Right now every company registered in New Zealand has an NZBN. By the end of the year business numbers will be allocated to other kinds of businesses including sole traders, charities, and partnerships. The NZBN will streamline all […]